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The Bristle Market is Continously Changing

December 2011

We, at Anglo China Sourcing Ltd., think it is sensible to take a balanced view of the real situation in the bristle market.

For as long as there has been a market in dressed bristle we have seen cycles where one type of bristle, be it short black bristle, or middle size white bristle, or long grey bristle, has been scarce and the supply was unable to meet demand. As in all markets, manufacturers and consumers adapt and the market finds the correct level and or an alternative.

Some of our competitors are telling customers that black bristle is no longer available which is simply not the case. Good quality black bristle is available, but demand is such that it has become very expensive and only those producing the very best quality professional brushes can afford to fill their brushes with top quality pure bristle. There is a plentiful supply of white bristle where prices in RMB has been quite stable for a period of time, obviously the hugely volatile exchange rates of the last year have meant that prices have risen in certain currencies, this however is more the function of a weak currency than an underlying increase in the raw material price.

There have been huge developments in the quality of synthetic filaments available and being produced in the Far East, the price and quality of these filaments has seen considerable changes in brush production, for both paint and household brushes. Depending on the market segment in which these brushes are being sold there has certainly been a move to the use of more synthetic filament and bristle synthetic filament mixtures in the production of brushes.

There is still no general agreement in either the paint industry or the brush manufacturing industry as to which type of filament or mixture performs best in the various types of paint available.

For this reason we have developed a number of different mixtures as we absolutely do not believe at this point in time there is a one fits all solution.

We, at Anglo China Sourcing Ltd., would be very happy to discuss with you the various options open with regard to brush filling material.

As important as our business in sourcing the right types of brush filling material, we are also a total supply chain solution for all types of decorating products manufactured in China. We have our own offices and employees in China who source, inspect and consolidate your requirements in three warehouse we have spread through China.

We look forward to seeing you at InterbrushTrade Fair in 2012.

Anglo China Sourcing – your total Supply Chain Solution.

by Tim Kleingeld

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