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Trends in Bristle Market

July 2015

The bristle market in China remains very firm with no signs of weakening in the foreseeable future. The way the market has evolved will not come as shock to anyone involved in the business.

A combination of factors are conspiring to create a perfect storm and as a result the very bullish bristle market.

  • Changed breeding practices – different breeds of pig/lower quality bristle/reduced yield per pig/less long bristle/less black bristle
  • Increased domestic demand – leading to a general decline in quality as domestic quality requirement lower than that in the international market.
  • Reduction in number of bristle dressing factories in China as it becomes both more and more difficult to find people who are prepared to do this type of work as well as more expensive.
  • Foxconn’s (manufacturer of Apple products) insatiable appetite for bristle from approx. 70mm up in all colours.
  • Semi dressing factories gambling on ever increasing prices and therefore manipulating the market to some extent.

As a result of the above, the quantity of natural bristle being exported from China continues to fall, being replaced by synthetic filament for DIY brushes and any number of different mixtures of bristle and synthetic for better quality brushes.

Anglo China Sourcing is able to offer mixtures using the best quality Solid round tapered and high pick up (mini hollow) filament which can be mixed in whatever ratio a customer demands. Until now there is no one mixture that is universally accepted which makes it both very difficult and costly to stock in Europe. We believe we are making progress and are currently running trials of various mixtures and expect to launch these in the last quarter of 2015 with a view to offering either direct delivery from China or from stock we will hold in our warehouse in Rotterdam. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Anglo China Sourcing Ltd. recognises the changes in the market and the need for the way we do business to evolve and to that end are introducing a fixed and open transparent commission and inspection service where customers will pay China directly for FCL shipments.

We look forward to receiving your enquiries.

by Tim Kleingeld

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