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July 2015 The bristle market in China remains very firm with no signs of weakening in the foreseeable future. The way the market has evolved will not come as shock to anyone involved in the business. A combination of factors are conspiring to create a perfect storm and as a result the very bullish bristle market. […]

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May 2012 Anglo China Sourcing looks forward to welcoming you to our stand Hall 2 Stand 3.13, at Interbrush Trade Fair, in Freiburg, 9-11 May 2012. Interbrush is the most important trade fair and global meeting point of the entire industry, with international exhibitors from the brush and paintbrush industry set to present innovative products […]

December 2011 We, at Anglo China Sourcing Ltd., think it is sensible to take a balanced view of the real situation in the bristle market. For as long as there has been a market in dressed bristle we have seen cycles where one type of bristle, be it short black bristle, or middle size white […]

March 2011 Since last writing a market report in December the market has become even more difficult for a myriad of reasons, some were expected and others could not been foreseen. The fact that much of the Middle East is in varying stages of trying to bring about regime change, the consequent great political uncertainty, […]

December 2010 We are inundated with various market reports and predictions in the media, from our bank’s foreign exchange department and Chinese suppliers. As we are coming to the end of the year we would like to share this with you in order that we can make better sense of the current market situation and […]

October 2010 The bristle market is firm and there is little likelihood that this will change anytime soon. There are no stock piles of bristle in China and demand is relatively firm in both the International and domestic market (in China). Black bristle is scarcer than white and the most demanded sizes 57/64/70mm continue to […]

May 2010 Prices continue to rise largely because the “unboiled factories/semi dressers” continue to hold on to their stocks and are drip feeding this into the market in anticipation of ever increasing prices. There is continued speculation as to how much the RMB will revalue against the US$ this year which is generally expected to […]

August 2009 The International Bristle Market has possibly seen more changes over the last 12 months than in the last 12 years. Increased competition Increased competition from China direct and the constant price pressure being applied by the retail sector to brush manufacturers has brought about the demise of the old traditional Bristle Merchants, who […]